This week I was in a group discussing what is God, what is Divine, and what is Love?

Today I sense there is a place in the universe where ethics and love converge…

The universe includes both our outer world and inner world.

and seems to me that convergence is where I can begin to sense some of what God is…

By ethics I am referring to the morals and character virtues that humans have sensed for centuries. For example, Plato presented four major virtues:

Wisdom (Prudence, Discerning)

Just (Fair, Honest)

Courage (Fortitude, Bravery)

Temperance (Self-directed moderation, balance, flow)

Plato also argued that thinking about morals must converge with emotions and desires, they are not separate. This leads us to include emotions and love.

The qualities of divine or true Love described by numerous spiritual traditions and religions consistently appear as:

Compassion (Empathy, Care)

Joy (Happiness, Bliss, Awe)

Peace (Equanimity, Non-attachment, Even-ness)

Kindness (Friendliness, Embrace, Acceptance, Benevolence)

Where these qualities of love merge with these qualities of ethics is where God lives…some call that heaven.


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