A new research article (see reference below) shows scientific evidence that yes indeed women have “significantly higher levels of wisdom, justice, curiosity, love of learning, social intelligence, leadership and appreciation of beauty and excellence.”

For me, this result reflects the socialization that occurs in human-created society, as compared to the true essential nature of the human beings in either body. This essence is often referred to as “potentiality” of a person, something possible but not attained yet.

Yes, that is one way to see it, and another way to view this information is to recognize that the potentiality of each individual human being is extremely affected by the socialization (conditioning and programming) that occurs from parents, schools and educational training, hospitals and health care systems, government institutions, business organizations, and work environments.

So I interpret the research article to show us that in our society the development of virtues is ignored, or even conditioned out of men (no rewards given or punishments applied) more than it is in women.



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