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I connect science, spirituality, soul, source.

My work focuses on illuminating human soul and authentic relating to divine source.

Tara and Ken: “soul halves” reunited after 29 years

Any one person’s journey is a unique experience of infinite learnings and growings, pains and joys, sorrows and surprises, loves and losses.

My spiritual journey is summarized in detail on this profile page of my spiritual community Trillium Awakening, where I volunteer and serve as a mentor.

My professional careers, background, education, and trainings are summarized on this page.

Reuniting with Ken has been a highlight of life, challenging me every day to stretch and grow my capacities in each area of life/self/soul/source/god. Not only is he extremely creative, with a photographic memory, accounting mind for math, vast knowledge about health, passion for recycling, and McGyver-like resourcefulness, he is the bravest person I have ever known. Unlike me, he is willing to NOT conform or comply with social pressure or coercion, no matter what the consequence.

He practices responding in non-violent ways to other people’s aggressive attempts to control his behaviors, and he lives based on simple principles of ahimsa and veganism. One of his role models is Dr Will Tuttle and another is AJ MIller of Divine Truth.

Although neither of us is perfect, Ken models an intention to unite qualities of ethics and divine truth with qualities of divine love. I hope to do the same to a higher degree each year…baby steps;-)

Maybe someday all of us will learn that responding to violence with violence only creates more violence in us. Even violence for the “right” reasons is still violence.

What do we want to create for the future? As a fully functional adult, I do not want to continue to generate fear in myself or others, do not want to justify violence for any reason, nor impose my will on others in order to educate/upgrade them to my beliefs and behaviors and level of development, nor do I want to live protecting myself from others judgments and angers.

Perhaps we humans can stop reacting to violence with violence (often justified for reasons of self-protection, safety, and feeling power and control vs helpless and weak), once we directly experience the multidimensional nature of the true self and its underlying unique source of existence (a soul) that is connected to the source of the universe (god).

Until recently, until I was willing to see and feel all the truth of my own body and all the sensings of my whole being, until I began to embrace a full 360 body experiential sense of myself existing beyond human-created languages and its endless narratives and debates, until then I had no idea what I was creating, participating in, and contributing in our society and in relationships with others.

With the rest of the time I have left on earth, I desire to build a “science of soul” with online courses for self, spiritual, and leadership development. Each of these topics serve as different pathways for soul development through authenticity, divine love, and conscious co-creating.

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