What is Source? What is Divine Source?

Source refers to the origin of the universe and all that is existing and living within it.

Divine source refers to the origin of the universe as beyond human. The cause and laws of the physical universe are not controlled by humans living on earth.

By God, I refer to creator of the universe and humanity and the laws by which they operate (physics, biology etc).

God could be considered the source of divine feminine+masculine qualities of “love” including (1) connection/embrace/empathy, (2) transparency/truth/honesty, (3) just/responsible/fair, and (4) respect for individual agency/choice/freedom.

I often use the word “ethics” to refer to these principles of “divine love”, and the word “unethical” refers to a lack of these ethical/loving qualities in the relational field, even in the unconscious layers.

Three Faces of God refers to (1) Self as God, (2) Relationship with/as God, (3) Universe/Life as God. 

**Three Faces of God**