The SOUL is defined as the unique source of each human being that lives on after the physical body dies.

With this definition, the soul contains both the personal uniqueness of each human being, plus it is connected to a source that is divine (more than human) that sources all human souls and the universe.

This definition is not presenting something new…instead it combines concepts presented across religions, philosophies, spiritual traditions. However, different words for soul are used across various communities.

Five of the world’s major religions — Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism — describe some version of a “self” which lives on after the physical body dies. But each imagines the origin, journey, and destination in different ways, and thus their narrative stories in books/bibles use different words emerging from various human languages over time.

For example, In my primary spiritual community Trillium Awakening, the word Being is used to refer to the aspect of self that is both unique and sourced by divine.