My online courses for developing Inner Moral Compass (soul awareness), Authentic Leadership, and Soul-Centering Teamwork.

Free videos available on my YouTube channel

Soul Sensings community: a free online space for scientifically-minded souls, who are exploring spiritual matters and soul development using integrative maps and models of humanity/universe/source (such as Integral communities, iConscious model, Spiral Dynamics, etc).

Some of the major influences on me have been:

Trillium Awakening and the Association for Spiritual Integrity

Personal Coach Training with CoachU in 1999, and with CTI (Coaches Training Institute) Leadership Program in 2010.

Integral Theory (by Ken Wilber and colleagues), Integral Life, and other forms of Integral communities, conferences, courses, and books.

Bonnitta Roy’s programs and retreats on her horse farm.

Presencing Institute and Theory U by Otto Scharmer and colleagues.

Voice Dialogue and Internal Family System (IFS) models of Self and relating to parts of self.

True Purpose Institute (courses with the Shift network by Tim Kelley and team).

Craig Hamilton and Integral Enlightenment meditative programs and meditation retreats.

Divine Truth teachings and spirit channellings with AJ Miller and Mary.

Many popular books, online courses, live retreats on Shamanism, Ancestral Healing, Past Lives, Spirit Communication and Mediumship, including Shift network courses with Tirzah Firestone, Sandra Ingerman.

BioDynamic CranioSacral training, plus studying/practicing Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, Energy Healing courses by Donna Eden and Dr. Sue Morter.

To see a wider range of trainings Tara participated in over the last 25 years, click here.