Each human is born into this world as a unique creative being. There is not another one like you in the universe!

Our parents and ancestors have created ways to teach us who we are, how we should behave, what to do stay safe, survive, and be successful in the human-created society. As a result, our internal sense of self develops according to what they teach us and how they treat us. This is called our internalized identity.

Our identity becomes the center of our navigation system for living our lives on earth.

In spirituality, the identity is called the ego, or the “I”. Over centuries, various teachings and religious traditions reminded us that each human being is more than their ego identity. One of the gifts of being human is a much larger capacity for self-awareness than any other creature.

Self-awareness is the capacity to reflect on the nature of one’s own being, body, existence in time and space.

I summarize a simple model of the three core layers of the self on this webpage.

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