Today is the State of the Union assessment by the President of the United States of America.

Hmmm…perhaps we want to do an assessment of the current condition or “state of the soul”? Each person and as a collective humanity?

Consider the soul as the source of our unique self, our sense of inner being.

The soul provides our sense of existing in time/space/location and serves as our moral compass supplying direction and motivation for our body’s actions.

If the outer world reflects the inner condition of my self+soul, and the same goes for humanity as a whole, then I sense there exists a great deal of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, resentment, blame, and hate for our fellow human beings going around.

Also, I sense a desperate desire to pretend this isn’t happening and to focus on enjoying something pleasurable. I often wonder, if we all felt so wonderful as our smiles in social media images portray, if we felt genuine gratitude and enjoyment in our bodies and souls, would we need to put so much effort and hacking everyday to build better habits and do things to feel better? Would we need to control ourselves so much to behave a certain way? Maybe what shows up in our voices and bodies when we don’t control ourselves reflects the true current condition of our heart and soul.

What can we do about it?

For me, the first step has become: get more honest!

I always considered myself an ethical person, as most people do, but I realize more and more how much I avoid seeing and feeling all the truth of my own being, body, and moral compass.

I alter or avoid the truth of what I am seeing and feeling in my body, and sensing in the 360 space around me, in order to protect myself.

What am I protecting? my sense of safety, security, significance, purpose, worth, and power. It feels too awful to feel the opposites of insecure, worthless, powerless, useless, or out of control.

Externally the fact that humans are still killing other humans everyday, justifying physical violence, torture, and murder, for any reason shows me the true condition of the human heart and soul at this time. It doesn’t matter what fancy words come out of the mouth, actions speak much more honestly than words and tone of voice is much more honest than the stories told by that voice.

I begin each day with an hour of truth sensing between me, my body/soul, connecting with the source of my soul and creator of our universe. I consider myself a smaller unique creator living within a greater creator, and I am very young student praying to see and feel all the truth of myself in this moment…and let that truth guide me toward healing and learning more…

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