Ethics refers to the moral principles humans use to guide their actions.

Academic study of ethics includes fairness, justice, integrity, honesty, respect and responsibility for choices and their effects on self and others. Ethics includes human rights and freedoms, like those outlined by the United Nations, and in many countries governing constitutions, such as the United States where I live.

In philosophy, the word “good” is used to refer to ethical and benevolent treatment of people, and in spirituality, the word “love” is often used to refer to these principles of treating people with compassion, empathy, fairness, respect for their unique individuality and freedom to express themselves.

In my own experiences, I find both words can convey the moral intuitions and feelings we sense in the depths of our souls. Perhaps Ethics is the intellectual, dry/air minded word, and Love is the soft hearted word. Perhaps Ethics is the Yang or masculine version, and Love is expressing the Yin or feminine version of the soul’s moral compass?

In any case, after studying ethics for many years, publishing research on ethical and authentic forms of leadership, reading the latest scientific summary on moral intuition, and recently asking AI for its summary too;-) I like this simple way of describing the soul’s moral compass always moving us humans toward greater:

“Ethics of Love”

Truth (including transparency, honesty, integrity, open to learn which is often called humility)

Justice (including fairness, balancing/moderating, accountability/responsibility for choices and actions and effects)

Respect (including human rights/freedoms, open to feel empathy/compassion, kindness, awe)

Couldn’t it be easy to simple admit our ethics are not loving?

rather than pretend, argue, debate, or justify that our behaviors are ethical, good, or loving?

We don’t have to force our selves to change instantly, or hide the unethical parts of ourselves, or pretend to be loving when we don’t truly feel that way toward self or another.

For example, I feel more ethical/loving/good in my body, when I am honest with myself that it does not feel well when I am hiding myself or lying to others, even if for “good” reasons, or for their own “good”. This week I still may choose to hide and lie about it to myself and others, but being more honest about that FEELS good, like some integrity gets restored!

Seems like the basic Ethics of Love in relationships naturally guide us toward honesty and transparency, but to protect ourselves and get what we want, we are not honest, even within our selves.

I often wonder how we can profess to “love” someone when we are not honest with them? who are we loving then? who are they loving? Some facade I pretend to be?

Seems like I have and many other people lie about our true feelings, hide some aspects of our self, smile when we feel sad, numb away our anger until it turns into depression, or live in silent despair, but stay busy and acting happy all the time, but hey “at least we are surviving” as the saying goes in my family.

For me, each of my pretenses and defenses for protecting myself, naturally relax and eventually dissolve, the more I grow my self->spirit->soul->source awareness and feel direct experiences.

I guess sometimes it feels like people in our world are filled with so much fear or anger, and a desperate desire to control/protect, that they forget each human being exists uniquely, way beyond human understanding or creative capacities.

Each one of us is a unique life form!

Billions of unique human beings living on earth in our universe, learning more each day, experiencing and expressing our bodies and life uniquely…

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